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No one likes to dwell on the prospect of his or her own death. But if you postpone planning for your demise until it is too late, you run the risk that those you love the most may not receive what you would want them to receive whether due to extra administration costs, unnecessary taxes or squabbling among your heirs.

No matter the size of your estate, estate planning is important because it allows you, while you are still living, to ensure that your property will go to the people you want, in the way you want, when you want. It also allows you to make important decisions such as: Who will take care of your minor children if both parents have passed away? Who will make decisions regarding your health and welfare if you should ever become incapacitated and unable to make those decisions on your own?

More and more often we see problems arise with second marriages. How does one provide for his or spouse while at the same time preserving assets his or her own children or grandchildren?

We will sit down with you, listen to your needs and discuss how best to accomplish what you want in an effective and cost efficient manner. Depending on your needs and what you wish to accomplish, there are many estate planning techniques and vehicles we can use.

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